Robotic Process Automation & Desktop Automation saves you money

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Using Pega’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) helps your organization realize a faster and greater return on investment when both are leveraged in your digital transformation journey. Identifying and eliminating lower value and repetitive activities from the desktop, such as application sign-on and call set-up, Agents (CSRs) in your front office can focus on the customer and provide exceptional service. Using RPA & RDA in your back office, fully automating high-volume, rules-based processes to reduce costs, accelerate productivity, and decrease errors will free employees to perform higher-value work. Some key benefits customers experience with robotic automation:

  • Simplify desktops and optimize customer service processes
  • Orchestrate by integrating: customer channels, business data, and enterprise applications
  • Enforce regulatory & service-level agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Provide queue size flexibility to scale up or down as needed
  • Improve agility & speed to market to meet changing business needs
  • Empower 24×7 workflow processing

Workforce Intelligence with Robotic Automation

Workforce Intelligence with robotic automation helps enterprises maximize the value of their two biggest investments: people and technology. Understanding how users interact with applications, Axiom uses Pega’s robotic process automation, desktop automation, workforce intelligence, and case management together to empower more productive employees and a better customer experience. Unlike RPA alone solution providers, Axiom’s use of Pega gives you end-to-end Robotics, CRM, and BPM for any digital enterprise, offering organizations the power to:

Identify workflow inefficiencies

Initially, businesses will quickly and more easily analyze their employee workflows to uncover processes that are causing disruption in customer experience. Areas such as needless and error-prone data rekeying across different apps. This visibility helps pinpoint inefficient processes that could be key candidates for robotics to digitally renovate their operations.

Automate desktop processes

Agents suffering from application overload can now benefit from desktop applications operating in a single seamless process and move data between applications where APIs don’t exist. Solutions can be deployed in just weeks and quickly simplify the employee experience, and lead to better customer experiences.

Reduce repetitive tasks

Outside of customer service, many high-volume, low-complexity tasks normally done by employees can now be automated and not require human intervention. Robotic Process Automation enables these processes, from reviewing claim details to updating transaction systems, to be run unattended, further freeing agents to meet the needs of their customers.

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