Enterprise Contact Center

Axiom is a premier provider of business transformational solutions, assisting its clients with elevating their customer experience. Genesys cloud offerings provide scalability, agility, and security. Axiom’s package of technology enhancements provides operational controls, robust analytics, and management tools for the modern contact center.

Transform the Customer Experience

With offerings tailored for every industry, Axiom’s differentiated features layer additional capabilities onto the contact center platform to optimize the customer experience and are available as part of a Cloud, premise, or hybrid solution.

Choose from a variety of flexible deployment models
Private, Hybrid, or Shared

Flexible Deployment and Support Solutions

Options include dedicated cloud, hybrid cloud, and on–premise technologies that are as flexible as business needs change. Axiom can integrate multiple disparate systems to provide customized end-to-end metrics for capturing important customer insights.

Speech and IVR Applications focused on Contact Center Automation

Axiom provides custom contact center solutions that draw upon self-service applications that are designed to automate routine functionality to effectively manage inbound calls, customer interactions, and outbound messaging campaigns. Our Engineers develop custom applications designed to optimize contact center efficiency in areas critical to operations.

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