From large medical centers to small physician’s offices, healthcare organizations operate in an increasingly complex environment. Technological advances and increased government mandates are transforming the industry. If not managed properly, these complex changes can impede the delivery of quality patient services.

Challenges in Healthcare Industry

    • The explosion in digital data: Many healthcare organizations struggle to manage the ever-growing amount of digital data. Electronic medical records, digital imaging and numerous clinical applications place strains on existing infrastructures.
    • The enforcement of HIPAA security requirements: Section 164.308 of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) act requires data backup, disaster recovery and emergency-mode operations planning. HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to protect ePHI or face penalties.
    • The lack of data liberation: Innovations surface regularly to improve operations and patient care. However, these technological advancements have limited potential because they are unable to “talk” to one another. This failure to interoperate restricts process automation and data capture, diminishing the return on the technology investment.
    • The move to mobile healthcare: The trend toward more mobility in healthcare requires providers to develop an effective mobile strategy. Patients today expect healthcare at their fingertips. At a minimum, a healthcare provider’s website needs to be mobile-friendly.
    • The increased cost of healthcare IT projects: Government mandates have placed new demands on a provider’s IT organizations. Healthcare organizations must have the proper systems in place to ensure HIPAA compliance and coordinate with the new health insurance exchanges. In addition, rising energy costs are putting pressure on providers to reduce their infrastructure footprint. Given these challenges, healthcare providers must decide how best to manage their critical IT infrastructure.

Axiom eases these challenges through training of personnel, constant updation and operational checks, so that you can provide faster and better care to your patients.


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