Middleware Integration Services

Companies within the financial services industry are placing substantial focus on middleware software as an integral part of large-scale IT projects. Middleware is a category of software that encompasses a range of discrete components. These components vary from application servers for application deployment, enterprise service buses (ESBs) and messaging platforms for integration. Additionally, they involve business rules management systems (BRMS) with event processing to analyze business events and automate decisions as well as business process management (BPM) platforms to automate business processes.

Middleware is vital to the financial services industry, where several recurring issues in financial services need to be addressed by integrating disparate systems in the environment. These issues involve complexity of business processes, security concerns, speed and timeliness of information, and customer satisfaction. There’s tremendous pressure to achieve maximum scalability, performance and effectiveness while simultaneously keeping costs low in the financial services industry. Financial institutions are in search of systems and policies that are effective, scalable and represent the best technical practices and capabilities in the marketplace.

Development teams in the financial services industry are concerned with the integration of applications with existing IT infrastructure, in the midst of building and hosting them on platforms. Middleware provides a platform that is both able to integrate and orchestrate enterprise applications while also automating business processes. This minimizes loss of information and down time, even in the development process. The middleware also enables the company to perform release maintenance management quickly and efficiently. The middleware solution when properly implemented can offer the benefits of stability, security, and cost savings.

Security is among the top concerns for financial institutions, given the significant priority placed on it by customers and industry regulators. Thus, a secure IT infrastructure is imperative to handling transactions and protecting sensitive information. In response, middleware has been deployed as a robust safety valve to cope with the wild fluctuations generated by internet use. A middleware layer is the backbone of an ambitious overhaul, it acts as the glue running through complex e-commerce systems. 

Axiom has the ability to rationalize business processes into middleware which can save costs and improve customer service by using Pega,TIBCO and IBM BPM. By introducing the right middleware, customer information from hardware and software applications can be used to assist customers better, especially in financial services environments.


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