Genesys Cloud Contact Center Services

Accelerate time to value and new revenue with a full spectrum of cloud contact center services, unleashing the power of exceptional customer experiences

Genesys, the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform, is trusted by over 4,700 customers in 120 countries. We have partnered with Genesys to deliver preeminent solutions to our clients to ensure compatibility with current operations and ultimate satisfaction with our services. Of the services we provide with Genesys, the Cloud Contact Center has been attributed to part of Axioms success.

The cloud is presented as a delivery model of information technologies based on internet protocols. Ease of access to remote computing, increased security, scalability and reliability of today's mature cloud-connected model allows organizations to dynamically provision and scale virtualized and shared resources.

Cloud contact center solutions flexibility allows us to support your organization’s security, process, and platform needs without disruption to your current operations.

Organizations looking to modernize and expand the capabilities of their contact centers have three major architectural options to consider: pure cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid deployment.

Genesys cloud offerings provide scalability, agility and security. Genesys cloud contact center solutions improves your customer's journey by increasing personalization and delivering connected- customer experiences across touchpoints in a consistent manner. Genesys meets your customers’ specific channel preferences, such as mobile, SMS and social. Choosing a cloud contact center solution helps your organization achieve these objectives while getting to market faster and with more flexibility.

Genesys delivers the full range of cloud-based call center and contact center applications. These include ACD routing, IVR, reporting, provisioning, and agent optimization applications. Furthermore, they’re putting your mind at ease by securely storing the business software and data on managed servers in remote datacenters. In most cases legacy applications can be integrated with cloud services in a hybrid model to provide easy transition and maximum client flexibility.

An organizational decision to "move to the cloud" - whether pure cloud or a hosted contact center solution - can drive significant cost savings and reduced TCO. Additionally, the cloud model enables acceleration of business changes and improved customer experiences. This process is completed through powerful motivators in the global marketplace where contact centers play a pivotal role in competitive differentiation regardless of size or industry.


Genesys Contact Center Virtualization

Virtualize Your Contact Center to Drive Greater Efficiencies and Deeper Experiences

Contact Center agents are becoming the voice of your business at an increasingly high rate. Axiom continues to deliver customers high levels of satisfaction by keeping our highly trained personnel prepared to handle the full range of customer interactions at your request. The need for virtualization has significantly increased, which is why main brands have converted their Contact Centers to make more efficient use of their distributed and varied workforces.

Delivering an optimal experience requires connecting your customers with our highly qualified agents. Often, organizations are unable to fully leverage the skills and competencies of their workforce, especially when those experts are distributed across siloed teams, facilities, or geographies. Planning and scheduling resources efficiently is made more difficult when your teams are dispersed across offices, leading to overstaffing and higher costs.

Contact Center virtualization gives your organization the necessities required to operate a highly scalable and flexible Contact Center solutions, while maintaining low costs. Unlike others, Genesys gives you the optimal solution for Contact Center virtualization.

With Genesys best-in-class interaction routing, customers are directed to the right person, who possesses the necessary skills to accommodate specific needs in the quickest manner. Your customers never have to repeat information and your agents know the customer intent, context, and history they need to serve the customer.

Virtualization guides your operation scale to handle a higher volume of customer inquiries more efficiently. The procedure also possesses the ability to eliminate local PBXs and ACDs, further reducing total cost of ownership. Best of all, your customers benefit from a personal, seamless, and effortless experience.


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