IT Services

Information Technology has become a critical component for an organization to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Businesses can no longer afford to pay a premium without seeing a substantial return on their investments. Axiom provides the services an organization needs to solidify its foundation to be more flexible, resilient, and efficient.

Application Management

As a business grows and evolves over time the number of applications being used at any given time can be staggering. The resources needed to manage and support those applications across the enterprise can be daunting and expensive. Axiom can assist in providing reliable operational support and help streamline your application portfolio to drive efficiencies.

Value Add

  • Predictable Cost Model
  • Drive efficiencies
  • Consolidation of Services
  • Skilled personnel
  • Access to industry best practices
  • Expert in Agile & Waterfall Methodologies for SDLC

Cloud Computing

Having on-premise systems is no longer a barrier in delivering on demand, high availability, and scalability of services for an organization. This model allows an organization to shift from capital to variable expense model and only pay for what is needed in regards to computing resources. Axiom is well versed in supporting and developing on various cloud platforms currently in use such as Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and VMWare.

Value Add

  • Reduce cost (based on size and scope of initiative/service)
  • Skilled Engineers that operate across multiple platforms
  • Efficiency
  • Custom designed solutions based on platforms being used

Telephony Support

With the convergence of voice and data communication is a critical part of any organization. As telephony constantly evolves, keeping up with the changes and identifying what is best for your organization can be challenging. Axiom is technology agnostic and provides services for Avaya, Cisco (on-premise and Cloud Services) and Genesys just to mention a few.

Value Add

  • Predictable Cost Model
  • Cost Savings – Leveraging Axiom as a VAR
  • Skilled Engineers – Onshore, Offshore, 24 x 7 Support
  • Complex VOIP Solution Design & Support

Infrastructure Services

Managing the day to day support of infrastructure systems (i.e. servers, network, database) can be time-consuming and an added distraction from strategic initiatives. Let Axiom augment with your existing team to manage your infrastructure freeing up IT to focus on completing your strategic initiatives.

Value Add

  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Process improvement (ITIL Service Support)
  • Cost Savings – Transformational service delivery approach
    (ITIL Methodology)
  • Flexible consulting services
  • Access to talent pool of exceptionally skilled engineers

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