Healthcare is hard enough as it is without having to worry about the ever-changing landscape of technology. Axiom enables organizations to focus their resources on what’s important — taking care of their patients. We enable organizations to leverage technology to transform and innovate, enhance, and expand their service offerings.

Solution Provider

Each organization is unique in the way it approaches healthcare that sets it apart from its industry peers. The same goes for Axiom’s approach in delivering robust, functional, quantitative solutions that harness the unique characteristics of a healthcare organization.
Our employees are innovators and the key drivers that enable us to rally around a single vision to provide top-notch Service Delivery and Service Support of Information Technology for Healthcare organizations.
Our engineers are the best-in-class with experience ranging from Pharmacy automation, Infusion Therapy management, Patient and Care Management Solutions, Patients Outcome and Payer Reimbursement, just to mention a few. You wouldn’t call a plumber for an electrical task, the same can be said for engineers. You need a partner who has a breadth of experience within the healthcare industry who is aware of the data retention requirements to include HIPPA, PHI, and PCI.


What good is a solution provider if you can’t leverage their existing partnerships to your benefit. We have partnered with companies that offer comprehensive EHR system that addresses the need for EMRs and PHRs that satisfy the requirements laid out in the HITECH Act of 2009.

Leverage our knowledge and experience to take your organization to the next level by partnering with Axiom an “Axis of Change.”

Data Analytics

Healthcare is a massive data-intensive business and making sense of that data can be overwhelming. The ability to leverage predictable data modeling engines to drive efficiencies and cost savings is critical in containing the cost of delivering and maintain an exceptional quality of service to your patients. At Axiom we get it, we understand what you are looking for a partner who understands the need to manage and secure a lifetime worth of patient data while at the same time harnessing the full potential to help drive the engineering of effective therapies based on analytical data from patient outcomes.

Communication in Healthcare

As the next generation of tech-savvy patients interact with their caregivers across the healthcare spectrum there is a big push toward on-demand information by secure means.

Organizations need a unified platform that supports the ability to interact and disseminate information quickly to their customers (patients, providers, payers) that are HIPPA & PHI-compliant. Axiom is that partner in the healthcare space that brings all of the pieces together to create the unified communication to drive collaboration and deliver better outcomes.

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